Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thank you PlayStation

Matt Kemp lost the MLB The Show 13 cover contest. Andrew McCutchen wins. Congratulations Andrew! Honestly, if it wasn't Kemp, I'm glad McCutchen won. Big fan of him.

The folks at PlayStation were nice enough to send me some 'Vote Kemp' items. Got this yesterday.

A shirt and bumper stickers.


And a pin! My son took it away.


Thank you PlayStation!

Click here to view the final results.


jonathan said...

he's been one of my favorite players, im glad he won i hoped he would be in dodger blue soon since the pirates always give away their talent. but he's a great all around player

Roberto Baly said...

@ Orlando - Andrew actually signed a big contract with the Pirates. Free-agent until 2018. Don't see them moving him.