Thursday, January 10, 2013

SoCal Expo Contest Winner!

I did a contest earlier today.... {linked here}

I gave away 1 admission ticket to the upcoming SoCal Baseball Expo for January 12, 2013.

The trivia question was -

What was Matt Kemp’s first number issued when he came up to the Dodgers?
Weird, no one gave me the answer that I wanted. Maybe I have the wrong answer? I wasn't looking for his number during spring training/minor leagues or the numbers that you see in his Rookie baseball cards.

To avoid any controversy, I'm giving the ticket to the 8th person that emailed me since I asked for the 8th email with the correct answer.

The winner is...

Gregg G.

Jack from JD Legends Promotions will send you a email soon with more details. Congrats and have fun at the Expo!

Thanks to JD Legends Promotions, Honabach and Sons and SoCal Baseball Expo for the contest.

Click here for more info on the SoCal Baseball Expo!