Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Opening Day at the L.A. Coliseum? Or maybe at Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

Click here if you missed reading all the plans for Dodger Stadium that was posted yesterday. It looks wonderful.

And here I have more info...

Will this get done by Opening Day?

Mark Saxon of ESPN L.A. -  {linked here}

It will be a challenge for the Dodgers simply to complete the construction work by a March 29 exhibition game against the Angels. Stan Kasten acknowledged the team has contingency plans in case the work isn't completed by then, but wouldn't divulge what they were. It's likely they would play any games at the Coliseum or Angel Stadium if necessary.

"I think we're going to get it done by Opening Day," Kasten said, "but the unforeseen is unforeseeable."

I hope it's done before Opening Day but if not then I wouldn't mind the Dodgers playing a few games at the Coliseum. Remember the 2008 exhibition game against the Boston Red Sox at the Los Angeles Coliseum? It was fun to be there.

Here's a video from {linked here}

President/CEO Stan Kasten and Janet Marie Smith, senior VP of planning and development discuss the renovations being made to Dodger Stadium

The L.A. Times shows us this graphic - {linked here}

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Unknown said...

I hope they have the opening games at the coliseum. I dont think dodger fans want to drive out to the angels stadium.