Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I bought a T-Ball set for my son

I apologize. This has nothing to do with the Dodgers or autographs or whatever else I usually post.

Last week I bought a T-Ball set in Target for $14.99. It's for 18 months and up. My son turns 19 months next week. It's never to early to teach the little one about this great game.

The cool thing about this age is that he doesn't really care what you give him. Well that's my son. He's happy playing with a spoon instead of that expensive Mickey Mouse toy my wife bought him last month. He's just not into toys right now. He just wants to listen to music, dance and run around the house and be a little troublemaker.

I take out the T-Ball set out from the box and my son notices what I'm doing. He quickly grabs the big yellow bat and throws it around.

We got out in the backyard and have some fun.

I give him some instructions on what to do but right now he doesn't care. He will do whatever pleases him.


Wait a minute.... I think he understands now.


And my favorite picture. My son calling his shot. Babe Ruth style!


I love you baby.

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