Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dodgertown Links: Kemp/Rihanna, Scully, Top Prospects, Rolen

Back together?

News around the web!
  • Yes, I have read the rumors. I guess fans will be angry at Matt Kemp if he goes back with Rihanna. {Examiner}
  • This man is not happy with Kemp. {The LFP}
  • I enjoyed reading this. Angels broadcaster Victor Rojas interviews Vin Scully. {The Rojas Spoils}
  • 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers Top 50 prospects according to Dustin Nosler. {Feelin' Kinda Blue}
  • Stan Kasten talks about the off season stadium renovations and the upcoming season. {ESPN Radio 710}


MarcoS. said...

It was a good read that interview by Victor Rojas, but I wish he would lay off the Angels fandom for just one minute. You don't see Vinny crowbarring the Dodgers into everything he talks about. If you are going to call a baseball game I feel you should be a fan of the game, and not your franchise. It's the reason I don't enjoy listening to the Angels announcers, or Eric Collins at times.

As for Kemp and Rihanna.


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