Friday, January 11, 2013

Adam Kennedy opens Baseball facility

I told you all about my trip to Torrance last Saturday to check out the Refinery Training Facility and Skip Schumaker. {linked here}

I went to another training facility last Monday. This one is owned by Adam Kennedy. I posted the flyer last week. {linked here}

I wanted to go and see if I can get a few baseball cards signed. I wasn't planning on going since I already have his autograph but I found some really nice cards of him, including the Dodger card from the Topps Update series.

There was a Open House on Monday and Tuesday. I went last Monday.

Small place.


Inside the facility -


I arrived when the Open House started at 4pm. Not many people there. This was totally different than the facility of Torrance where hundreds of kids were running around.

Kennedy was walking around doing some coaching. I was watching the practices for about 20 minutes when I decided that I needed to approach Kennedy because my son was getting out of hand. Kennedy was talking to another person when I overhear him say "I can't sign right now, maybe some other time".

Oh well. Then two other fans approach him asking for an autograph. Kennedy says "I'm here to open up this place, not to sit down and sign autographs".

It's his choice. I'm not upset. Just weird since no one was there. I went up to Kennedy and only asked him for a picture and left.

If you're in the Anaheim area and want to check out the place for yourself or your kids, click here for more info.

Thanks Adam. Good luck. 

Adam Kennedy


Spiegel83 said...

Kennedy is too big time to sign his name.

Ernie said...

Yea, 'cuz his Ruth-like career 80 HRs and just shy of 600 RBIs make him a for sure 1st ballot hall of famer. You're forgetting he just won World Series a few years back, what, 11 years ago. He can't be bothered with autograph seekers.

Unknown said...

Glad he wont be around the Dodgers any longer. what a jerk!!

Bart said...

Are you kidding me he did not have time to sign an autograph? If he was smart he would be signing autographs right and left. He is the brand name for this new center and that is the wrong kind of behavior to have. I remember I went to Jim Lefebvre's baseball camp out in Catalina back in 1968 or so. I was at Dodger stadium the same year and asked him to autograph a ball for me. He said wait a minute and he came back with 20 Dodger signatures on the ball. I will never forget how nice he was.

Mrd 4739 said...
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Mrd 4739 said...

You guys got it all wrong. I've been going there now for over two weeks. My son is a 13U player. The coaching staff he's put together is superb. Training now three days a week. Adam has been there everytime I was in house with my son. His brother Brain as well is coaching/clinics. When I was there each time, Adam was too. He was very approachable and always open to discuss anything. Just a regular guy, and a businessman. SO give it a rest. My guess is, if you went in there now, sinse things are getting to normal, you'd see what you would expect. Cages are all full, Teams are scheduling time slots, and there are even kids running around. SO go now and enjoy the atmosphere. It's baseball and I love it.

Unknown said...

Hey Bart, I was at that same camp in 68!