Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SoCal Baseball & Expo Contest (Free Admission)

I wanted to do this contest earlier today but I couldn't because it was impossible to get online since I was with family basically eating all day.

Last Saturday I told you all about the SoCal Baseball Expo that will be held in Anaheim next month. {linked here}

Do you want a free admission to the SoCal Baseball Expo? This is what you have to do. I didn't have time to do a quick contest or do some trivia questions so I'll make this very easy. You don't even have to leave a comment here like I do with my other contests. The first 5 readers that send me a email wins! In the subject line please write "I want a FREE admission to the SoCal Baseball Expo!".

You should know my email by now. If you don't, look for it. It's somewhere here in the blog.

These free admissions is from JD Legends Promotions {linked here} and Honobach & Sons {linked here}. Thanks Jack and Jim.

In the email please give me your first and last name. I will announce the winners sometime tonight. Most likely when I put my son to sleep. Then Jack from JD Legends Promotions will send you an email and give you details.

Trust me, I'll have more contests.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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