Monday, December 10, 2012

Pictures: Dodger Stadium Renovation

I have no idea what's going on here. The Dodgers haven't said much. I know they are trying to make the clubhouse bigger for the players. Not sure what's going on with the seats.

Email from Marco -

Hello Roberto
Just wanted to share some pictures I took at Dodgers Stadium yesterday of the renovation construction.  I'm not sure if you have been there since construction started or if one of your readers has shared some photos.   Pictures are mainly just of the field level construction and the removal of seats at the top of each section for upgraded disability seating.  I had thought Stan Kasten said they were going to be upgrading the pavilion section and the Dodgervision board, but I saw nothing going on back there.
Keep up the good work on your blog, and thanks for the autograph updates. 

Thanks Marco for the pictures.


Jesrick said...

I'm pretty sure they removed the seats in order to dig for the expansion. Kind of hard to do all those renovations underground.

Jason O'Har said...

Good Morning ,Just wanted to know-Always wanted to know??,How do i get 1 of those seats they are throwing out?? Would i have to dig thru the trash??,lol,Even thoe -I think i,OR can i go to Dodgers stadium-Alone to try to purchase 1? Just really wanting to know. Thanks HOMEBOY :) Jas & Family

jonathan said...

from what the contractor told me they are making tunnels to the locker rooms for the players. i was working there last month and they are going to reuse the seats they have them by the entrance. ill email u the pix later Roberto

Unknown said...

I spy a wifi or a cell service tower by the speakers in CF!

MarcoS. said...

I know Jason, I was so tempted to want to ask someone if I can have a seat. I'm sure they'll either be reused or will show up in the team stores.

Also that's a good eye by Collin. I didn't notice that tower out by CF.

MarcoS. said...

In a unrelated topic, I'm surprised none of the Dodgers blogs or websites have no mention of the passing of Jenni Rivera. I know she wasn't a player or anything like that, but she was a local girl who was a big Dodgers fan and she performed at the Gran Fiesta and Dodgers stadium several times.

Just thought that needed a mention. RIP.

jonathan said...

and married to a former dodger

Unknown said...

I got some awesome pictures... this is only part of the construction going on.. im working at the stadium right now doing the air conditioning and grease ducts for all the concession stands... a lot more plumbing and elertical being put in... the fans will be happy with the turn out