Friday, December 21, 2012

Maybe Juan Uribe can help me with my fat diet

I hate talking about this and haven't mentioned anything here since August.  But many readers ask me how I'm doing through email and in person whenever I go a autograph event. I feel uncomfortable talking about it and especially in person. It's not that bad writing about it since I'm not seeing you while telling you my story.

I went to the hospital yesterday to see the doctor. I wasn't looking forward to it since I was going to a new hospital and seeing a doctor I've never seen before. I guess I'm too old for Children's Hospital. Everything went good except that I have anemia and I need to gain 20 pounds. As you remember, I was in the hospital this past summer due to a infection and problems with my lungs. I still might have problems with my lungs and will be going through a ct scan next month. Hopefully nothing bad.

In the meantime, I need to gain weight. My pants are falling down and I look like a wannabe gangster. Which is not a good look. I'm not eating dinner but I will be trying to eat something before I go to sleep. I usually eat something light in the morning and then I have a big lunch and that's it.The funny thing is that I think my son eats more than me!

Hoping 2013 is a healthy year and the Dodgers win the World Series!

Thanks for reading.


Gill Cards and Beyond... said...

Hey Roberto, I'm Franz the guy that was infront of you in the line @ the Punto signing in Valencia :) Just wanted 2 say thank u 4 letting my daughter's play with ur son's toy's :) Hope u have a wonderful holiday & healthy 2013...& Dodgers will win the W.S. in 2013 bcause 13 is my lucky Peace bro :)

Jill Davis said...

Start eating Roberto! We need you healthy for next season. :) And so does your son!