Monday, December 24, 2012

Kershaw/Koufax Fantastic Duo Card

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone is good. I'm about to eat some really good food with my wife's family. During this time it reminds me of my childhood. I didn't really celebrated Christmas since my dad is Jewish. My mom is Catholic but we just didn't have that Christmas vibe in the house. I think one time there was a Christmas tree in the house but that's about it. This is still kinda new to me! So Merry Christmas! Enough with my little story.

Lately when my son is taking a nap, I go to my secret basement and sort through my baseball cards. I was organizing the cards from 2012 and putting them by sets. One set that I'm in love with is the Topps Archives series. I'll post all the Dodgers base cards later but here's one card I want to show you.

It's a insert series called 'Classic Combos'.

Hollywood Hurlers - Clayton Kershaw/Sandy Koufax.

Front and back -


I got this card for a couple of quarters last summer. And now I've been seeing this card sell for around $12 bucks.

Isn't this card cool? Here we have a devout Christian and one of the greatest Jewish ballplayers of all time.  And how about the USA flag in the back? This card is one of my favorites from 2012.

Take care everyone.


Dodgerbobble said...

Great card!

Happy Holidays Roberto!

Michelle said...

Very cool indeed! ;)

Roberto Baly said...

@ Dodgerbobble - Happy Holidays Josh!

@ Michelle - Thanks!