Monday, December 17, 2012

Autographs: Nick Punto & Tim Leary

Nick Punto and Tim Leary signed autographs at the Valencia mall last Saturday. Punto was scheduled to sign autographs at 12pm/2pm and Leary was to sign after 2pm. I took my son, wife and brother in law.

There will be times where a signing doesn't start on time. Maybe 5, 10 or even 15 minutes late. And that's normal. It happens. I say this because Punto showed up 50 minutes late! Apparently he got lost and ended up in a different mall.

I'm trying to remember from all the autograph events I have gone to where a player shows up very late or just doesn't show up at all. All I can remember is when Eric Gagne was going to sign at a car dealership in Cerritos about 7 or 8 years ago. We waited and waited and waited. Gagne doesn't show up. The Dodgers staff weren't too happy and they called Ron Cey to come. The fans were mad. Luckily Punto just showed up late for this event.

I arrived at 10:45am. Only about 30 fans in front of me.


Punto - Can someone fix this picture? Maybe someone with great photoshop skills can remove the sun? Send me a email if you need me to send you the picture. I will appreciate it!

Nick Punto

Punto signed 4 cards for me -


Dodgers cart -


I had a little plan. I knew my wife was going to want to enter the mall and go shopping after the Punto signing. I brought a few Tim Leary cards just in case I see him when we leave the mall. We go to the mall and spent a few hours there and have lunch at Red Robin. We get out and it's almost 5pm. I see Leary and nobody is in line. I go up to him and give him my cards.

Leary -

The lady next to Leary was impressed with the '91 Studio card.


Leary shows me his 1988 World Series ring -


4 cards signed -


Thanks to the Dodgers, Nick Punto, Tim Leary, Valencia mall and all the Dodgers staff for this great event. Thanks to all those that said hello!


bluefanforever33 said...

Nice pickup! I've met Tim Leary before and he's one great guy.

Roberto Baly said...


ElNino21 said...

I left as soon as the lady said Nick Punto will be ANOTHER 30 minutes late. I wish I would have looked for you.. That would have made the drive worth it.

Dodgerbobble said...

Hey, I see myself! It was nice seeing you on Saturday Roberto! They did position that tent to face the sun, which really prevented us from getting good pictures.

Anyway, very smart move with the Leary cards!

Roberto Baly said...

@ ElNino21 - Very unfortunate that Punto arrived late. Some fans were upset but don't think I saw anyone leave.

@ Dodgerbobble - Yeah that sun was brutal!