Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Autographs: Hyun-Jin Ryu

It's funny how certain things work out. I wanted to go to the Zack Greinke press conference. I enjoy going to those events and taking pictures. Plus you get to talk to some really nice people. But I couldn't find a babysitter so I did not go.

Instead I went to Koreatown with my son to check out the Dodgers event that they were holding with Hyun-Jin Ryu. {linked here}

I'm happy that I went. The event was to start at 12pm. I showed up at 11:30am. It was an adventure to find parking. I didn't want to park in the nearby garages. Luckily, I found a spot nearby with a meter. It had a 2 hour limit already so I didn't have to put any change on it.

This was at the Wilshire Park Place/Radio Korea -


Media arriving. Mostly Korean media -


A Korean reporter interviewed me. Asked me a few questions about Ryu and the Dodgers. Told me it's for the Korea Times. Got to see if it made it to any articles.

Musicians -


My son waiting patiently...


Video - The scene

Hyun-Jin Ryu @ Koreatown from Roberto Baly on Vimeo.

Video - Ryu comes out at 12:10pm -

Hyun-Jin Ryu @ Koreatown Part 2 from Roberto Baly on Vimeo.


Autograph session started about 12:35pm. I'd say about 50 fans were in line. And then another 50 employees from Radio Korea who also got in line to meet Ryu.


Ryu signed a baseball for me -

IMG_0043Hyun-Jin RyuIMG_0048

Two nice ladies gave my son these keychains.


Everyone in line got this baseball card that's customized from the Dodgers. I think I was more excited over this than the autograph. I heard they gave them out yesterday at the press conference but I didn't get one! So happy I got one today.


I left at 12:45pm and had a chance to have lunch with my wife that works about 2 miles away from here.

Thanks to the Dodgers, Korea Radio, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Cat, Allie for this great event!


Robert said...


ernest said...

Oh man, I'm so envious.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Robert - Thanks!

@ Ernest - It was great. Good times.

Sara (TeamB13) said...

Curious as to how many people showed up to get autographs Roberto?? Would liked to have gone and add another autograph on my dodger poster, but didn't have the day off from work.


Roberto Baly said...

Sorry, I thought I wrote about that!

I'd say about 50 fans were in line. And then another 50 employees from Radio Korea who also got in line to meet Ryu.

Just updated the post with that...

Thanks for reading. :)

Unknown said...

I wasn't able to attend due to work and just saw the post the night before.

Thank god my wife was able to go and was among those 50ppl in line. Got myself a signed baseball.

Thank you robert for all the update on future appearance. Will be nice to meet you in person.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Alexander - You're welcome! Glad your wife was able to go.

Michael said...

Enjoy these posts when you get out and get autographs! Nice score.

Roberto Baly said...

Thanks Michael!

Unknown said...

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