Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Saturday - Autograph Show @ Frank & Son Collectible Show

Just a reminder....

Hall of Fame Sports is having another big show this Saturday at Frank & Son Collectible Show.

They are bringing five ex-Dodgers plus Pete Rose.

December 1, 2012
Frank & Son Collectible Show
19649 San Jose Avenue 
Industry, CA 91748

Lee Lacy 10am-11am
Jim Gott  11am-12:30pm
Tommy Davis 12pm-1pm
Tommy John 12:30pm-2pm
Pete Rose 12:30pm-2pm
Mickey Hatcher 1pm-2pm

FREE Gift bag for the first 150 adults.

Call (909) 592-1357 or click here for more info.

I've met all of these guys before and I don't really need anything extra. I did want to go for the gift bag and see what specials they might have but I don't think I can make it because I got sick. It doesn't look anything serious but I have to be careful.

Good luck if you go!


MarcoS. said...

Usually they do a great job organizing these signings at Frank and Sons, but the last Dodgersfest was almost as bad as a Gran Fiesta signing.

I understand priority needs to be given to those who paid for a autograph, but they did a poor job last time organizing who paid for the event and who went there for the free signing. They punished those free autograph people who showed up early by making them wait for hours without letting them know when they can come in, then a bunch of free auto seekers in the back of the line cut with the people who paid for a autograph because they did a poor job checking at the entrance. For instance the people infront and behind me at the enterance were bandwagon Lakers fans who obnoxiously cut infront of everone because they thought Magic was signing for free, and they could care less for any of the Dodgers people who were there.

Once inside the autograph area people had no idea which line to get into for which autograph. It really was a mess compared to past signings there. I hope they do a better job orgaizing the crowd this time around, especially because this should be a little more low key than Dodgersfest.

Get well Roberto.

P.S.- I'm not hating on those Lakers fans who showed up in Lakers gear with a paid ticket, I'm hating on those people who call themselves Lakers fans who went to Frank and Sons, saw this event going on, then cluttered the area trying to get a freebie out of Magic.

Roberto Baly said...

@ MarcoS

I was there and I had to wait for a very long time too. I'd say close to 2 hours? I didn't buy tickets before so I couldn't just walk towards will-call. I didn't see any fans acting rude but then again I was way back in line. I even saw a car accident! A lady accidentally hit a parked car while trying to leave the parking lot. What happened was that there was many fans forming a line outside and this driver was trying to avoid the fans and bam! Hits a car. Very funny but sad.

Hopefully it's more organized this Saturday. Have fun if you go.