Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A letter from Stan Kasten, ticket renewel form and a brochure

I got this in the mail.....

A letter from Stan Kasten, a ticket renewal form and a brochure featuring mini plans options.

I was a mini plan holder this past season. There is no way I can get season tickets since I can't go all 81 games. Maybe when my son gets older.

The letter says....

November, 2012

Dear Mini Plan Holder:

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous level of support you demonstrated to the team and our new ownership group in this our first season. We believe we have made great strides in our efforts to get the Dodgers back on a championship track. 

Through efforts to bolster the team for the stretch drive this season and beyond, and a renewed commitment to build for the future via player development, we hope we have demonstrated to you our passion to win in 2013. 

Off the field, we will soon launch our renovations to majestic Dodger Stadium. We'll keep the beauty of Dodger Stadium's magnificent vistas, but bring the stadium into 21st century with a series of upgrades, including a new sound system and a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network and cellular antenna system to support cell=phone and internet connectivity from mobile devices. 

We know you will want to join us in 2013 to watch our exciting team, partake in our great promotional lineup and enjoy the enhancements to Dodger Stadium. 

As a mini plan holder, we now have a paperless invoicing option and you can sign up to receive texts and emails, so you can stay up to the minute on Dodger news. 

Enclosed is information on renewing your mini plan as well as the other options we have available. We hope you will be here at Dodger Stadium for what we expect to be a truly historic 2013 campaign. Thank you again for your support!


Stan Kasten

Not sure which plan I'll be getting but it will be between the 20-Game Pick'em Plan or the 30-Game Pick-em Plan.

The New York Yankees are coming for two games. For the 30-Game plan, you can only select one Yankees game. For the 20-Game plan, you can't buy any tickets for the Yankees series.

I'm not worried. There are other ways to purchase tickets for that series.

Prices for mini plans -

Location Mini Price 10 Game 15 Game 20 Game 30 Game
Infield Box $55 $550 $825 $1,100 $1,650
Pref. Field Box $28 $280 $420 $560 $840
Loge Box MVP $55 $550 $825 $1,100 $1,650
Inf. Loge Box $45 $450 $675 $900 $1,350
Pref. Loge Box $25 $250 $375 $500 $750
Reserve MVP $22 $220 $330 $440 $660
Infield Reserve $15 $150 $225 $300 $450
Preferred Reserve $11 $110 $165 $220 $330
Left Field Pavilion VIP $15 $150 $225 $300 $450
Left Field Pavilion $13 $130 $195 $260 $390
AYCE Pavilion VIP $30 $300 $450 $600 $900
AYCE Pavilion $27 $270 $405 $540 $810
Top Deck VIP $12 $120 $180 $240 $360

For more information on season tickets or mini plans, click here.

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MarcoS. said...

Cheapest 30 game plan is $355 after fees, and the cheapest season ticket plan is $405. I paid about a $100 after fees last season for a 10 game bobblehead plan, and my order form for this season in the same seat is $205.

It's obvious they are pushing people to get season tickets.