Friday, October 19, 2012

*Update* Steve Yeager @ Best Buy

A few days ago I posted that Steve Yeager will be at Best Buy in Chino. {linked here}

Apparently, Yeager will not be signing autographs and there is a time change.

I received the following email from Yeager's agent.

Hi Roberto,

I noticed you posted Steve's appearance for tomorrow. However he will not be signing autographs. It's a meet and greet only. We have a contract to do autographs only at the 11/3/12 show with Hall of Fame Sports.
{linked here} Just wanted to let you know so the readers don't come and then get upset. 



Thanks Jack for the new info.

October 20, 2012
Best Buy
3873 Grand Ave
Chino, CA 91710


MarcoS. said...

I live down the street and even I was like, "8:30 AM?" I'm sure Yeager thought the same thing, especially because Chino is a long drive for most people in LA.

I've been told that Hall of Fame Sports has a contract with many former Dodgers alumni to have them do signings exclusivly with them. Doesn't matter though, people will still show up to this asking for autographs. All I want is a coupon for a free Jersey Mike's sub.

Unknown said...

Doesn't matter though,instaget people will still show up to this asking for autographs.