Friday, October 19, 2012

Dodgertown Links: Season Tickets, Gonzalez, Wallach, Kershaw, Mota

News around the web!
  •  A look at some highlights from Dodger first baseman Adrian Gonzalez during the 2012 season. {Video/}
  • Tim Wallach returned to the baseball field at University High in Irvine this week where his dream of pursuing a Major League career began. {O.C. Register}
  • Clayton Kershaw to play in Ted Lilly Golf tournament. {Sierra Star}
  • Reminder - Manny Mota will be signing autographs tomorrow. {linked here}
  • Reminder - Steve Yeager will be signing autographs tomorrow. {linked here}

1 comment:

MarcoS. said...

My Top Deck tickets are usually in the last row so this price change doesn't affect me, but still sounds like the price changes affects us bottom of the rung fans the most.