Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dodgertown Links: Herrera, Gonzalez, Bea Hefley, Ethier

News around the web!
  • Elian Herrera was the hero last night but it looks like he got upset that they tore his jersey. Luis Cruz takes off his own jersey and gives it to him. {DodgerFilms}
  • Check out all the pictures from last night. {Jon SooHoo}
  • Chris Capuano gets start in must-win game. {Dodgers.com}
  • Baseball is a difficult game. Check out this story on how Adrian Gonzalez had to change his swing because he left Fenway Park and is now hitting at Dodger Stadium. {J.P. Hoornstra/L.A. Daily News}
  • Steve Dilbeck and Dylan Hernandez talk about the Dodgers in a video. {L.A. Times}

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