Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dodgers still alive

On September 21 I wrote a post saying that playoff tickets were going on sale. Readers laughed at me, ridiculed me, verbally attacked me and said they would bet their own house that the Dodgers will not go to the playoffs.


I honestly didn't think we would still be alive with two games left. I even wrote a post saying why are we talking about playoff tickets when we can't even win a regular season game. But MLB needs to promote the playoffs early and sell tickets way in advance.

Here we are. October 2. And two games left and two games behind the St. Louis Cardinals. We need to win these two games against the Giants and hope the Cardinals lose against the Reds.

If the Dodgers and Cardinals end up being tied for the second Wild Card, there will be a one game playoff this Thursday at  Dodger Stadium! How fun will that be?

Don Mattingly talks about the big hit Ellan Herrera delivered in the 3-2 walk-off win last night.



PJ said...

one game at a time!

MarcoS. said...

I'm not doubting we can sweep the Giants, I'm doubting the Reds can beat the Cardinals two times in a row. If that were to happen the Dodgers would have to beat both the Cardinals and the Braves in two 1 game battles.

Once again the way we are playing I'm not doubting we can do 4 more in a row, but at this point it's out of the Dodgers hands.

How fitting, the Angels spent a lot of money and made a lot of moves to win a PR battle against the Dodgers, then the Dodgers made a lot of moves and spent a lot money to win a PR battle against everyone else in the league, and in the end both these teams are massive disappointments.

Time to move this negativity train to Dwight Howard's back.

Bobby Crosby said...

"I'm not doubting we can do 4 more in a row"

To officially make the playoffs this year, we only need to win three more in a row, not four (and obviously have the Reds win the next two). The Braves already celebrated making the playoffs -- don't need to win that Wild Card game to get into the playoffs -- that is a playoff game.

Ch1charo said...

It's a shame when half of Dodger stadium looks like Knott's Halloween haunt. I was at the game last night and I've never seen so many pumpkins at a ball game. Damn those are some ugly a** team colors. Come on Dodger fans, have some pride and go support our Dodgers till the end. Keep the faith. Oh yeah Giants still suck!!!