Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dee Gordon working on hitting for Licey in the Dominican Republic

Dee Gordon arrived in the Dominican Republic last week to play winter ball for the Licey Tigers.

Gordon told Licey.com that he's looking forward in playing and gaining experience. {linked here}

"Tengo conocimiento que en esta liga han participado muchos peloteros importantes. Hanley Ramírez, Juan Uribe y Elián Herrera me hablaron mucho de ella. Me dijeron que me iba a divertir, pero que hay muchos lanzadores difíciles. Jugar aquí me hará un mejor jugador"

Translation -

"I know that many important players have played in this league. Hanley Ramirez, Juan Uribe and Elian Herrera have told me many things. They told me I will have fun but will be facing many difficult pitchers. Playing here will make me a better ballplayer."

Winter ball started last Sunday. Gordon started the game and went 1-5 with a double, strikeout and an error.  He plans to stay in the Dominican Republic till November working on hitting by being more patient at the plate and pitch selection

Good luck Dee.

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