Monday, September 17, 2012

Videos: Baseball Prospectus Day @ Dodger Stadium (Scully, White, Garvey)

It was Baseball Prospectus Day at Dodger Stadium last Saturday. {linked here}

I really wanted to go but unfortunately I had other plans.

Videos from Baseball Prospectus.

Vin Scully made a surprise visit.

Scully talks about learning to broadcast and bittersweet memories about moving to Los Angeles, and shares a few anecdotes.

Scully discusses how he received a 1955 World Series ring. He's wearing his 1988 ring. Former Dodgers GM Dan Evans is sitting by Scully.

Scully discusses Yankee Stadium, anecdotes and preparation for broadcasts, Hank Aaron's record-breaking homer, and other broadcasters.

Dodgers Assistant GM Logan White discusses his approach to the job.

Steve Garvey talks about his batting stance.

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crzblue said...

I was the one that asked Vin if he was going to go to Yankee Stadium next year. Dissapointed that he is not going but I understand.
What a day!