Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fans "attacking" Matt Kemp on Twitter

The great fans!

As if nobody can go through a slump. Really? You have nothing better to do than go on Twitter and make dumb comments?

I'm curious, why do you do it? It makes you feel good afterwards? What do you gain?

Comments made by fans towards Matt Kemp via Twitter in the last 48 hours.

My favorite one might be the one about his fantasy league. Trust me, Kemp doesn't care about your fantasy league!


Ernest Reyes said...

yeah... frustration level is getting out of hand

Robert Corona said...

It really is pathetic that fans can be this way. First, they need to get a life. This is a sport,a game. And, next, these are not true fans. A true fan will stick with a team and their stars no matter what. These negative, pessimistic hateful so called fans need to grow up and use their intelligence, be more conscientious about what really matters in life. Play on Kemp...haters hate, real fans respect and root, root, root for the Dodgers!!!!

Laura Varela said...


Dawn Mendez said...

It is truly sad...he is only human...He gets paid a lot to play but is not a machine. He will come out of this slump and the same idiots badmouthing him now will be singing a different tune. They are just not jelling right now, but win or lose I am always TRUE to the BLUE CREW!!! But, please the whole team needs to get it together to win...not just Matt! Dodgers till I die, Baby!!!!

Daniel Aguilera said...

Why is every one depending on him the whole team is a power house and they dont get the job done so blame the whole team not one person..

Yessenat said...

Sad to say its the bandwagon people that make fans look bad... they jump in when its all looking good and jump off as soon as one little thing goes wrong... :/ Dumb people out there...

Vic Wear said...

Bottom line Roberto - if Matt Kemp doesn't start producing, the Dodgers won't make the playoffs. I think he's hurt. He seems to be limping a bit with his left leg (pulled hamstring twice and ran into the wall in Colorado) and I also hear he injured his left shoulder in that CO collision as well. My opinion? If he's hurt, he needs to be honest about it because he's killing us right now.

Victor Avalos said...

Fake fans need to stop taking smack through social media networks. 1st of all Kemp isn't the only one on the team, the dodgers are just simply struggling as a team. 2nd of all I really like to see all these smack talkers on twitter go out and play 162 games and not go on a single slump, I can almost guarantee they'd go hitless. Kemp and the rest of the Dodgers will turn it around and all those trash talkers out there are only going to look stupid cheering Kemp and the Dodgers on, after talking smack.

Koufax Kid said...

I'm not surprised, LA has always been the home of Fairweather fans. But truth is Kemp if Kemp is hurt, he should try and get better. I think part of it might be a slightly bruised ego - with so many other superstars on the team he's just one of the superstars not THE Superstar anymore. I actually see more Kershaw t-shirts at Dodger Stadium now more than Kemp or Ethier now. The dodgers can pull it together and get in the post season! GO LA!

WhiskeyBlues said...

That's why I don't have a twitter or facebook account. These social media outlets are going to be the downfall of civilization as we know it if it's not already. Makes the world more accessible to haters and dumb asses.

Tony Noriega said...

All I have to say is this.......It takes a lot of balls for a fake fan to talk shit on a social network when he or she themselves are talentless morons. It does not take one ball player to win games assholes! The team as a whole is struggling so shut your faces and get a life.

Ebolaboi said...

Fake fans. Go away and go spend more time learning how to spell. Hahahahha!!

MarcoS. said...

While I do think a lot of things being said by the haters about Kemp are out of line and down right moronic, there is still a valid point to be made that Kemp is obviously hurt and at times he's hurting the team more than he is helping.

Just because people choose to get cynical or critical about their team and their players doesn't mean those people are "fake fans." Don't forget it was because we were cynical and vocal fanbase that we were able to get rid of the McCourt ownership. No offense to our red brothers down south, but I think fans taking a less pessimistic and less passionate approach hasn't really benefited the Angels this season both in attendance and in the long term quality of the team. Dodgers ownership is spending the money and if they are not getting their return investment, then blame has to be put instead of saying "hey its just a game," and letting the franchise deteriorate into a overbloated embarrassment.

With that being said, it's okay to hate, just make sure what you are saying is reasonable. It's not Kemp's fault that Cameron Maybin is good at defense, and I didn't really see anyone else on the team last night give us a better chance to win past the 5'th then Kemp did.

gtee3 said...

wow!!! this is a good way to lose those you really do like on social media. cuz hes human and its hurtful. He might just say... I need to get focus down the stretch and delete this account. They need to learn what fan support really means. geeesh morons!!!

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