Friday, September 21, 2012

Dodgers Postseason Tickets Onsale TODAY at 9am

Playoff tickets are on sale to the general public today at 9am. Online only.

Pending availability, tickets will be available for purchase at the Dodger Stadium box office starting Monday, September 24.

Dodgers are 3 games behind for the second wild card spot. 12 games left. This is a funny game, you never know what can happen. They need to get on a hot streak and hope the Cardinals (And the Brewers!) lose along the way. Yeah I know, doesn't look like it will happen.

Prices for the Division Series

Prices for the NLCS

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MarcoS. said...
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MarcoS. said...

Hate to say it, but I've moved out of the denial stage and have gone into accpetance mode. I accept the fact we will not make the playoffs anymore. In a couple of weeks both Dodgers and Angels fans will be sitting together, rooting for someone to take out the bay area teams. So sad what happen to So. Cal baseball this year after all the promises of what could have been. In specific one player, Matt Kemp.

Kemp has the heart of a champion, but just like at the end of 2010 he's going to have to take a deep look in the mirror and serve himself a nice plate of humble pie. Forget about 50/50 talk, or even 40/40 boasting. Now it's about what's best for the team, and the team captain needs to start leading by example. If injuries get the best of you, man up to it, and have a little faith in your fellow teammates that they will step it up when needed to.