Friday, August 31, 2012

Vin Scully Bobblehead

I had a little problem. My wife was going to be stuck at work till 7:30pm. Yes, she is still teaching High School Math. It's her third year now. It was back to school night.

I wanted to give her one of my tickets and tell her to show up after work. But I was afraid that they would run out of bobbleheads. I kept the ticket and went with my son and picked up the bobbleheads. We watched batting practice and stayed for the pre-game activities. It was great seeing Vin Scully and his big family. We left right before the first pitch to pick up my wife.

Watching BP -


Pictures of the bobblehead.



hypnotic23 said...

Did u notice how heavy it is compared to the rest of the bobblehead series..

PJ said...

sweet! what time did u get into your seat? what time did u get into parking lot? can you still watch b.p?

Koufax Kid said...

I ended up getting a defective Bobble, which I'm very bummed about. I did however meet Tommy Davis and Nancy Bea which was awesome. Just put up my blog, which is a work in progress. A few photos from last night are up there.

Ebolaboi said...

Koufax kid- Did you check it before you left? I do that now so that doesn't happen.

Koufax Kid said...

Thanks TB. I updated the blog because the template was acting funky. It's basic for now, but at least it works right! Keep checking back, I'll make it cooler!

natalie said...

Mine was defective too seems vin got his ear pieced and forgot to put the earring. lol