Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pictures: August 7 - Dodgers vs Rockies

Sandy Koufax bobblehead night....

It wasn't sold out. Maybe because the Dodgers made you buy a mini plan? Funny thing is that many tickets were on certain sites for a few bucks.

Also, kinda disappointed that Koufax didn't come out. I know he is a very private man but it would have been nice to come out and throw the first pitch.


The bobble looks nice.


My son. I'm sad because he's not a baby anymore. But happy that he will be able to enjoy the games with me.


Maury Wills was having a great time with the fans.


Wills signed these two cards for me....


That's it for autographs. I really have to take it slow. I get too tired running around. Plus I was with family.

We had Top Deck tickets. Since nobody was around in our section, my son got his own seat.


During the 2nd inning, my wife tells me she wants garlic fries. I don't eat garlic fries and I assumed they sell it at any of the concession stands.

I get up and go to the nearest concession stand.

Nobody is here. Kinda depressing. Wish I was sitting at any of the other levels.


I'm told they don't sell garlic fries and I have to go to the reserve level. On to the elevator.....

I waited 12 minutes. Did you know Yankee Stadium has 16 elevators? I saw them all two years ago. {linked here}

Dear Stan Kasten, have garlic fries everywhere and do something with the elevators.


Reserve level. Looking for the garlic fries.


Found them!


Empty seats. Dodgers lost.


My next game.



caliking323 said...

I had a question how were u able to go the bottom level to get maury wills autograph.

chinagrrl said...

i love the garlic fries! that's the one thing i "need" to get every time i go to a dodger game.

i know what you mean about your son. :( i feel the same with my daughter. remember you posted a pic here of when i was pregnant with her? she is now 1½.

Koufax Kid said...

I was looking all over for maury and he was nowhere to be found! I need a ball from him bad!

PJ said...

ya c u there! did u hear why koufax could not attend? i heard he was at stadium last night?

Dodgerbobble said...

I love the Wills manager card. I had that same one sitting in my collection forever and I finally got it signed by Maury two weeks ago.

I agree on the running around for autos. It's hard with kids and even harder on a bobblehead night with all the fans there.