Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Frequently asked questions on autographs

I usually write this once a year because I get asked autograph questions all the time.

Any current or ex Dodgers that have a signing event coming up is posted here. It doesn't matter if it's Sandy Koufax or Luis Cruz. If I post info on a Luis Cruz appearance, no need to send mean comments and say "Who the hell wants Luis Cruz"?

Trust me, there will always be someone that wants his autograph. If you don't need him, then ignore the post. Heck, I have a few cards of Castro that I would like to get signed. Almost got him last night at Dodger Stadium.

For upcoming events, scroll down and on the left side of this blog, you will see "Upcoming Appearances". Click the player for more details.

Make sure to confirm before going to any events. There can be last minute changes. Around the time I was hospitalized, Dee Gordon was scheduled to sign autographs at a thrift shop. I posted the info a few weeks earlier. I didn't realize that there was a change of plans. Javy Guerra replaced Gordon. So it's always good to call a day earlier to confirm everything.

* * * * *

To pay or to not pay? 

I get this question often. I cannot decide for you. That's your call. I can give you my opinion....

I pay when I think I won't be able to get that certain player in the future. Someone that I rarely see at free events. I've done well by doing this except once.

I paid for Paul Lo Duca's autograph. You might remember that I wrote a post on it.... {linked here}

Then he shows up at Autograph Alley in Dodger Stadium.

It happens.

* * * * *

Where is Autograph Alley located?

Autograph Alley is located by the Center Field entrance. The Dodgers bring a retired player to sign before the game. It does not happen at every game. I do post the autograph alley schedule here.

* * * * *

What time should I show up for Fernando Valenzuela's appearance? Do you think it will be crowded?

You have no idea how much I despise this question. Can I predict the future? Can I know how many fans will show up at 6am for a 11am event? No!

It's common sense that someone like Valenzuela will bring many fans. Bring your coffee and pillow and enjoy the morning. You might not have to wake up early for someone like Aaron Harang.

* * * * *

What do you recommend me in getting signed?

I love baseballs. But you have to be careful. Make sure they sign it with a regular blue or black pen. Do not use a sharpie. Once signed, keep it away from the light.

I've been getting baseball cards signed this year because I already have their autographs. Plus it looks nice.

* * * * *

I highly recommend to go to spring training. 

Dodger Stadium might not be a good place to get autographs when comparing to other parks but there is a good chance you can score.

That' about it. I'm sure I'm missing a few things. Send me a email if you have questions.


Unknown said...

I was LUCKY enough to score Dugout Club tickets for a game vs. the Angels this year. They were a gift. That said, after the game you can get tons of signatures from the players as they leave the locker room. You just have to have patience. There were about 30 people waiting for them. I got Dee Gordon, Albert Pujols, Andre Ethier all on one ball! Not to mention got one from Maury Wills who was just hanging around and Ron Cey was watching the NBA Playoffs at the bar! Got him and Sweet Lou's signatures that night. I was SOO lucky, that night Fernando was there on the field before the game. It was Mike Scocia bobblehead night and I got Fernando's signature too! The greatest day ever... Dugout Club is pricey, but you should definetely make plans to do it someday. It's absolutely worth it

Unknown said...


Mike Barnhill said...

I got baseline seats for a day game a few weeks ago (Matt Kemp walk off). The seats were in left field and I paid $34 each for them. We watched the pitchers warm up and got Ted Lilly on a ball and Josh Lindblom on a card. Then Kemp came out to warm up. He signed for everybody and my son got his glove and a card signed by him. Dodger Stadium is much more autograph friendly now. Go early and stay late. I'm talkin' to you real LA Dodger fans!!!

Carlos said...

Roberto thanks for posting these tips but what do you mean by keep the autograph balls away from the light? sun light? light bulb?

Unknown said...

You gotta keep them outta UV rays Carlos. It makes the ink fade and yellows the balls. One more tip I've learned is black ink also fades, blue ink is the best. The sell UV cases some say they don't make a difference, but I use them and they are only a few cents more. Has anyone heard if there are any signings this weekend other than, "the alley"?

Carlos said...

Thanks Desi!

Ch1charo said...

I thought sharpies are good for autographs, but I will start using blue ink pens only from now on.