Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Panini Triple Play - Dodgers Cards

Panini released the following card set earlier this month titled 'Triple Play'. You can say its geared for the kids.

It's a cheap set. Packs run for 99 cents.

I was able to complete a team set quickly.

#40 Clayton Kershaw


#41 James Loney

#42 Matt Kemp (Looks a bit like Kobe Bryant, no?)


#248 Matt Kemp (Focus)


#289 Matt Kemp (When I was a kid)


The back of the card -

At Oklahoma's Midwest City High School, basketball actually was Matt's first love. "We won the state two years in a row and we were ranked as high as third in the nation,' he said. "I played from my sophomore to senior years, and I played all over. I could bang down low if needed, but mostly I was a shooting guard."

By the time he was a senior, playing professional baseball had replaced basketball as his career goal. "If you're my size (6-foot-3) in basketball, you better have hops like Dwyane Wade," he said. "In baseball, I was big." Los Angeles drafted him in the sixth round in 2003.


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