Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I might be a bad fan

What a crappy game. I don't really have anything to say. I do wonder if I'm a bad fan though. Losses don't hurt me that much than in previous years. I'm sure it has to do with getting older and realizing there are other things to worry about than a baseball game.

I did have fun with my son though. He's more alert with his surroundings than the last time I brought him. Plus he did not go to sleep till the 3rd inning!

Good times.

It was great seeing many readers of my blog. Thanks for all your concern. I'm doing good. Well I think I'm doing well. I should be seeing my doctor soon.

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I'll have more tomorrow. Good night.


Unknown said...

I attended three of the game in St. Louis last week and of course they lost all three. But I wasn't really upset at all. I fully agree that life changes affect you in a big way.

Unknown said...

I can't believe it!! What else does it take??

Unknown said...

Does anyone know why Dodger staff are making players personalize autographs?? They are ruining my collection.

N. Diunte said...

Roberto - I love the game too, but yes, you realize there are much bigger things than if the team wins or loses. The game goes on ...

Desi - Are you talking about the Autograph Alley or all the players in general?

Roberto Baly said...

@ Jeff - I'd like to watch a game there. Seems like a great baseball town.

@ Desi - Explain... Not all players ask for your name. I honestly don't mind unless it's baseball cards because not much room there.

@ ND - Thanks for reading. :)

Unknown said...

Im talking about the autograph alley, It all started with Paul Lo Duca,then last night with Yeager. Its awkward to have a staff member standing over the shoulder of a player making sure they personalize the autograph. I am a collector of autograph balls. i am just wondering if this is a new thing they are doing if so it sucks.

jonathan said...

@desi they dnt want ppl getting autos just to sell them. Im sure thats the main reason

Koufax Kid said...

I have a couple of comments from last nights game.

1. I was in the Yeager line too with two cards and a ball. As soon as I heard he wouldn't sign the sweet spot on balls, I put it away. He signed my card - said it must be personalized and then spelled my name wrong. I've heard he signs thru the mail for $15 might be better. I don't want to sell anything, I just have a strong Dodger collection and want to keep it that way. Plus Yeager balls on ebay are going for 9.99, cheaper than the price of the baseball itself. Lame Dodgers. LAME.

2. Got Gibson to sign a ball on the sweet spot. He was nice and signed for about 20 min. Mostly bobbleheads, but a few others. Also saw Don Baylor and Alan Tranbull were signing as well.

3. Tried to get Magic to sign a baseball - normally Tommy will sign in between innings so figured that was the case. Security said Magic will not sign and told us to leave. Any idea if this is true? Nice way to give back to LA magic

Bad game, but ended up with a sweet Gibby baseball and totally worth it.

Unknown said...

Hi Roberto! It was nice meeting you at the game! Keep up the great work! :)