Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Allen & Ginter Pack! Kate Upton? Yes, Kate Upton

It's been two weeks since Topps released "Allen & Ginter". I haven't had a chance to get out and buy a few packs.

I was able to convince my wife to go to Target since my son got a few Target gift cards from his birthday party last Saturday. No, I didn't go crazy and bought 20 packs just because of the gift card. I only bought one pack. I'm going to buy a hobby box later. This is my favorite card set.

By the way, my son's B-day party was fun. Like I mentioned last week, it was a Mickey Mouse theme party.

Here's my son (With the Mickey costume) trying to get a piece of the Mickey piƱata. Not sure why my brother in law is hugging Mickey.

Alright, on to the cards.... The pack. $3.19. 6 cards.


First card was Kate Upton. Till this day I don't understand the controversy of her being the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model. She's beautiful, what's the problem?


The legend. Hall of Famer. Red Sox icon. Carl Yastrzemski. Nice card.


Andre Ethier. I would have preferred a batting stance picture.


Edinson Volquez. Is the hat tilted? Awesome! Not that I approve this but that's the way Volquez wears his hat.


 What's in a name? Ryan Joseph Braun.


Man's best friend - Basset hound


Got some nice cards. Didn't get any autographs but that's difficult. I do want to buy a hobby box. Hopefully the next trip I make to Frank & Son collectible show.

I will post more on baseball cards like before. Hopefully I don't have any health setbacks. I got more to share. The last post on baseball cards was on this great Clayton Kershaw card. {linked here}

Thanks for reading.


Greg Zakwin said...

Must. Get. My. Hands. On. The. Kate. Upton. Card.

Roberto Baly said...

lol I want the Kate Upton autograph card! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing hit on the Upton card Roberto! Just like Greg, I need to get me one of those

Greg Zakwin said...

it'll only run you about $250 or so Roberto haha!

but yes.

I will one day acquire one.

Clint Roberts said...

Yeah, when is Kate Upton going to be Frank and Sons?

Dustin said...

I'll trade you for the Basset Hound.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Jesse - I want the whole set! :)

@ Greg - Damn! Maybe I'll get lucky.

@ ctrobe28 - I would say never to be honest...

@ Dustin - Do you have any cards from the bible set?

jonathan said...

Got me a box today after seeing you'res i always liked these but dnt really like the minis and really dnt like the non baseball cards exept for the upton cars ofcourse. Its like u only get 4 1/2 for 3 dls plus. I did get an erin andrews card that i liked tough