Thursday, May 24, 2012

Video: Behind the scenes look - Magic Johnson & Matt Kemp Sports Illustrated cover goes behind the scenes at a photo shoot with Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson, who is featured on the cover of the current Sports Illustrated issue. On sale now.


From Sports Illustrated -

Dodgers centerfielder Matt Kemp is one of the best baseball players in the game, but the fact that he is still learning the game is a scary thought for opposing teams. As a teenager growing up just outside of Oklahoma City, Kemp loved basketball and played on his AAU team all summer. Baseball was strictly secondary. By his junior year in high school though, Kemp realized that his build would limit his basketball potential, and he began to focus on baseball (page 46).

In many ways, Kemp is still new to the game. What the Dodgers see now is a player whose mental skills are catching up to his physical skills. Manager Don Mattingly said, “This game is not so much physical. It’s when the mental side and physical side connect, that’s the most important part. Everyone’s road takes them on a different path. And with Matt, we’re beginning to see everything connect, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Article is written by Albert Chen. Make sure to pick up a copy.

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