Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pictures: May 29 - Dodgers vs Brewers

Pictures from last Tuesday against the Milwaukee Brewers. I went with my wife and son. I know you want to see autographs but I have nothing to show you. I've mentioned before but it's a little bit difficult to obtain autographs when you have a baby.

Not many people in the entrance....


LAPD protecting the bobbleheads.


I had already seen this bobblehead in person before so I knew it was going to be small. Not many fans knew it was going to be this small and were disappointed. More pictures at the end of the post....


I rarely took my glove to the stadium when I was a kid. I don't really remember doing this. I guess I was more into trying to get autographs than baseballs. I took it to this game to see if I can get a baseball with my son.

My old Ryne Sandberg glove.


Bad idea. My son didn't want to play along. He was sleepy. I forget he's still a baby. He's turning one in two weeks.


Maybe when he's two or three. In the meantime, I'll let him do this.


And meeting Hall of Famer Jaime Jarrin.

Jaime Jarrin

Fan wearing this hat with a old patch. Really nice. 1890/1990 100th anniversary of the Dodgers.


Baby ran into his uncle.


I enjoyed the Dodgers pre-game with the "The Infield".


Good crowd.


I think I was the only fan that didn't boo Ryan Braun.


After that homer, went to get a hot dog. Nobody in line! Where are the fans? They just came in and get their bobbleheads and went back home.


Looking forward to the next bobblehead. I'm guessing we will be seeing many Angels fans.


Is this a joke? Vote for those that deserve it. Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp and A.J. Ellis has my votes!


Baby missed the whole game.


Breaking news! Dee Gordon gives up baseball, joins a boy-band.


Hiccups the clown!


Mickey Hatcher can now attend Dodger games since he was fired from the Angels. I saw him sign autographs before the game and he seemed to be happy. I wish him the best.


Dodgers lost. Nathan Eovaldi pitched good but it wasn't enough.


Pictures of the bobblehead -

I did like this bobblehead. It looks good!


I promise that I'll post pictures tomorrow of the Dodgers FanFest. I promise!


Gill Cards and Beyond... said...

Nice pix's me I knw how hard it is getting auto's w/having kids...I have 2 little girls & usually go 2 paid signings just bcause I knw I'll b getting my auto's 4 sure...still hard with a 2 & 4 yr old doh but fun & we enjoy it as a family :)

Paul said...

I did't care that the bobbleheads were small. I actually liked them small. I must've been walking around when Hatcher got on the screen.. did he get any kind of ovation?

MarcoS. said...

@ Paul

I did hear a few people boo at first, but it got quickly got drown out by clapping and cheering.

I wonder what type of ovation Scioscia is going to get on his bobblehead night?

Roberto Baly said...

@ Gill Cards and Beyond - Thanks! :)

@ Paul - I thought it looked great. I didn't mind that it was small.

Just what MarcoS. said, Hatcher did get some nice cheering. It wasn't a standing ovation but fans did recognize him.