Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pictures: May 26 - Dodgers vs Astros

I have yet to post pictures from the Dodgers FanFest. I'll do that sometime this week.

In the meantime, my recap from last Saturdays game between the Dodgers and Astros.

I took my brother in law Eric. He just graduated from High School so I'm sure I'll be taking him to more games. Plus he's always willing to help me with autographs.

The target? Houston Astros pitcher Wilton Lopez!


Yeah, Wilton Lopez.

Look, I have autographs from the whole Dodgers team. It's not exciting for me to get the same guys. But I do try to get the same guys again on different cards. Since two years ago I've tried to obtain autographs from anyone that was born in Cuba and Mexico. My dad is Cuban and my mom is Mexican.

Lopez is not Cuban or Mexican. He's from Nicaragua. My reason in trying to get Lopez is because my wife is also from Nicaragua. There are currently three Nicaraguans playing in the big leagues. Vicente Padilla of the Boston Red Sox, Everth Cabrera of the San Diego Padres and Lopez. I got Padilla when he played with the Dodgers. I haven't met Cabrera. 

Pictures -

It was Bark in the Park at Dodger Stadium.


I don't have a dog at the moment.

We went over to the 1st base side to check out the Astros BP. I was looking for Lopez. In my mind I was thinking that it was going to be difficult to obtain his autograph. Even if I do see him, why will he come over and sign?

I had a plan.

Luckily, Lopez was in the outfield. Here he is turning around trying to see who yelled at him. That was me. I screamed his name "Wilton!". I kept yelling. I tell him that my wife is from Nicaragua.


I go on and on about Nicaragua. He asks me where I'm from. He can tell that I'm not from Nicaruga since I don't have a accent. People from Nicaragua speak totally different than Cubans or Mexicans. I tell him my story and he says he will sign for me when BP ends.

How cool is that? Plus he was throwing a few balls to the stands. Here's one ball that my friend got from Lopez.


Lopez giving more baseballs....


BP ends and Lopez didn't lie to me. He comes over and asks me a few questions. I get a feeling he doesn't believe me that my wife is from Nicaragua. I tell him the town that she was born and he smiles and says he's been there. He has to believe me now because that town is very small.

Wilton Lopez


Thank you Wilton!

I got other autographs too...

Scott Elbert


Jamey Wright


Ron Cey


Rick Honeycutt




Chad Billingsley


A.J. Ellis - He was the hero. Hits a homer to win the game. Yup, against Lopez. I was happy that the Dodgers won but felt bad for Lopez.


What's going on here? Someone told me it's part of a TV show. Sorry, don't watch much T.V.


I ended the night with French Fries.


Here's Dodgers President Stan Kasten making sure fans are happy.

Stan Kasten

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