Thursday, May 3, 2012

Packed house @ Frank & Son to meet Kemp, Ethier & Gordon

I didn't go the Matt Kemp/Andre Ethier/Dee Gordon event at Frank & Son last Saturday because I already have their autographs and I don't need anything at this moment. I did want to go just to see how the event turned out but couldn't get away that morning.

Luckily my buddy Mac sends us a report.

Email from Mac -

Hi Roberto,

I worked the Kemp-Eithier-Gordon signing show today for Jim Honobach. In a word it was INSANE!  I haven't seen a crowd that size for a signing since the hobby's peak back in the nineties that you and I have reminiced about.

It was soooo crowded I didn't see you there so I thought you might be interested in some photos I took of the event in case you missed it.

Kudos to Jim Honobach and his family and staff (OK, I am a little biased here) for running such a successful event.  And as crazy as the show was those Dodger fans who showed up could not have been more cooperative.

All three Dodgers seeemed to enjoy themselves but I could not help but think Andre Eithier might have had more fun at the event than anybody in the hall.

FYI:  If Matt Kemp has trouble gripping the bat for a few days you will understand after seeing how many of his fans lined up to meet him. 

But somebody needs to tell Dee Gordon he was wearing the wrong cap.

Check out the photos,


That place looked packed! WOW! You'd think they were about to meet Sandy Koufax.

Thanks for the report Mac.

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Dodgerbobble said...

wow! that's very impressive. Kemp is a superstar, and i think the price was very good for his autograph

ChipzzFlipzz said...

I was at this event and IT WAS PACKED!!! Waited 3 hours in line to get a bat signed and a really cool video of Kemp talking to my son about his broken arm. This was well worth the wait and the money spent. And talking to Dodger fans made the time go by fast. Thanks again Roberts GREAT JOB MAN...