Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 16 - San Diego Trip - Dodgers vs Padres

I went on a one day trip to San Diego with my friend Jason (Yeah, bat boy Jason) last Wednesday to catch the Dodgers/Padres game. It was my second trip to San Diego this year. First one being Opening Day.

Jason's goal of the day was to catch a ball with the Dodger Stadium 50th anniversary logo. Did he get one? More on that later....

Jerry Sands is happy to be back with the Dodgers. Signed autographs for everyone.

Jerry Sands

Elian Herrera spent seven years in the minor leagues. He's now in L.A.

Elian Herrera

I forgot to shoot a picture but Jason had a Herrera baseball card from 2009 when he played for Inland Empire.

Remember Burger Lounge? We went there again.


Nothing beats a Mexican Coke.


Petco Park. So peaceful. Great weather. I love San Diego.


Waiting to get in.


Jason really wanted a ball. I can tell he was on a mission to get a ball. He said "You can go get autographs, I will be here to see if I can get a ball".

I stayed to try to help him.

Clayton Kershaw.


Juan Rivera flirting with the ball girl.


I believe it was Mark Ellis batting. Hits one deep. Jason runs and jumps over some bars and boom! He caught a ball.


And it was the 50th anniversary logo!


Javy Guerra signing autographs.


Thank you Dave Hansen.


Thank you Jerry Sands.


Andre Ethier


I rarely get excited over autographs. I'm used to it I guess. But this time I did get excited because I gave Ethier three cards and didn't expect him to sign all three.

Oh yes! Must have been my shirt.


Vin Scully was in the stands.


I don't think I saw the Los Angeles Dodgers play. It was the Albuquerque Isotopes.


I'd say less the 10,000 fans were there. Dodgers lost but it doesn't matter.


It was great meeting many fans that read this blog. Thanks for the nice words. And thank you Jason!


Dodgerbobble said...

Great pics Roberto! I tried the Burger Lounge on Opening Day...great food. Did you know there are a couple in Hollywood?

Stealing Home said...

great photo story, and congrats to your friend who accomplished his mission to get that ball !

clearly i should put a bit of effort into getting autos and such. looks like fun.

Gill Cards and Beyond... said...

Nice pix's bra...Manny Mota signing June 16 from 10am-12pm ‎13101 Crossroads Parkway, City of Industry, CA
NOTE: Just bring a new toy 4 his foundation 4 a FREE auto..

Roberto Baly said...

@ Dodgerbobble - Oh really? I did not know this. Thanks!

@ Stealing Home - Thanks. It is fun. :)

@ Gill Cards and Beyond - Thanks for the info! :)