Monday, May 7, 2012

Javy Guerra "Haters will always hate"

I joined Twitter on December, 2008 and I remember not many people were using it but it was a nice community to interact with other Dodger fans right away.

Now it seems that everyone is using Twitter. Including athletes and celebrities. I read online that there are over 140 million active users. With so many people using Twitter, you're bound to see many idiots.

I say this because after Javy Guerra blew the opportunity to save the game, Dodger fans went on Twitter to attack him. It's really sad. Especially when you're just cursing him out. I'd post some examples here but I don't want them to get any exposure. You can easily search the replies on Twitter if you feel like reading them.

It's funny how Dodger fans love someone after doing something great and then can hate him when they do something bad.

If you're Javy Guerra, you have to ignore the comments. You just have to. Why respond at all?

But Guerra responds... {linked here}

I honestly don't think they are haters. Most of them don't understand that players are not perfect and you can make mistakes. There are many idiots out there and you have to ignore the criticism and work harder. I shouldn't even say that they are critics because all they say is "F you, you suck". Just ignore it.

One thing that always makes me laugh is when fans go on Twitter to tell a professional player to step it up because they are ruining their Baseball fantasy league. Seriously? Javy Guerra doesn't care about your fantasy league!

One last thought....

I think Kenley Jansen should be pitching the 9th inning. Get Josh Lindblom in their too.


vjzkk27 said...

A real Dodger fan will always be a fan no matter what. We know that the players are not perfect, and many times they will make mistakes. Poor Javy doesn't not deserve any negative comments, he is a great pitcher. Don't let them out you down Javy! The real fans support you 100%

BruinPirateAnteater said...

I am guilty of grumbling to myself after a blown save, what I am concerned more with is Donnie insisting on throwing Guerra out there, kinda like Torre insisted on throwing Broxton out there. Thing is, I think Javy is much more mentally strong than Brox, but too many blown saves in a short period of time has to take its toll mentally. I dont rhink Brox was ever a closer, I think Guerra is, so I really think Mattingly should consider not completely burning out Guerra. Let Jansen and Lindbloom close out a few, let Guerra regain his confidance in less stressful situations. Donnie said it himself: his stuff is there, the swagger isn't. He needs to regain his confidance.

Its funny that people will curse Javy for ruining thier fantasy team, its a fantasy team! This is Javy Guerra's career, its how he makes his living! He's not playing games (for fun, anyway)!

ChipzzFlipzz said...

I think Kenley Jansen would be a better option for the 9th inning. Javy just has to ignore the comments and move on with his game and just have fun out there. Dodger haters make good motivaters.

White Devil said...

The bullpen as a whole has done poorly - 45 walks in 80 innings. Lack of command/falling behind in counts has been the downfall for Guerra, Elbert, Wright, etal.

Mattingly and Honeycutt know the mental and physical makeup of the staff better than any of us. Jansen has great stuff, but I get the feeling his mental makeup isn't what you want in a closer.

Guerra is probably better suited for the closer role mentally, but the fact that he felt he needed to defend/explain himself on Twitter is really troubling to me.

drew mccourt said...

Just because he does bad is no reason to cuss him out hes the same person and hes trying just as hard people are stupid hes probably a good guy but if someone doesnt do good it doesnt mean thier not trying leave him alone

Your Coffee Drinking Devushka said...

javy is an awesome relief pitcher. He is still young and learning but mark my words, he will become a force to be reckoned with.

ElDoyer said...

I agree with Kenley closing, but in order for him to be effective he needs to stop throwing his cutter down around the knees and needs to elevated between mid-chest to hips. If u notice, when the pitch is down around the knees players are'nt swinging at it and taking it, and because it has such great movement it always moves away from the strike zone. Whenever Jansen elavates, thats when he gets those bats swinging. In my point of view to be a good closer, u need the opposition to swing and miss and be dominant at it.

L.A. Gringa said...

Excellent post, Roberto. Enough said.