Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get the chance to hang out with Andre Ethier

David Vassegh has a pre-game chat with Andre Ethier. He talks about his health, batting secrets, and favorite places to eat.

Get the chance to hang out with Andre Ethier on the field before one of the Freeway Series games by logging onto

Also, check out Ethier's interview with KROQ. {linked here} (Fast forward to 75 minutes)

Video from Fox Sports Radio AM570

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MarcoS. said...

This is totally unrealated to Andre Ethier, but I think it was here where people kept complaining that they couldn't find Beach Boys/Dodgers merchandise even though the Dodgers kept advertising they were selling some.

Well yesterday I noticed that top of the park was selling a cross promotion Dodgers Beach Boys T shirt for $30. Didn't ask if they had any more items or how limited their supply was, but at least they have something there now.