Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frank & Son Recap: Williams, Perranoski & Fairly

Another great event from Hall of Fame Sports! Pete Rose, Ron Fairly, "Sweet" Lou Johnson, Ron Perranoski, Stan Williams, Maury Wills were signing autographs last Saturday at Frank & Son collectible show. I went to get autographs from Fairly, Perranoski and Williams. I didn't need anything from Rose, Johnson or Wills. Fans in line were surprised I didn't want anything from Rose. I've met him before several times. I should share my great Rose story where I met him in Las Vegas several years ago with my wife and we got stuck in the California/Neveda state line. Car troubles. It was a fantastic night. Maybe not....

I took my Dodger seat to get it signed by these three former Dodgers. Click here if you want to read a background of this seat.

Till this day I still get emails asking me for that second pair of seats. Not for sale.

First up was Stan Williams, who almost broke my hand with his handshake. According to Baseball Reference, his nickname is "Big Daddy". Two time All-Star and has a World Series ring from the '59 team.


Thank you Stan.

Stan Williams

Ron Perranoski has two World Series rings from the '63 and '65 teams.


Thank you Ron.

Ron Perranoski

Pete Rose.


Ron Fairly has three World Series rings from the '59, '63 and '65 teams.


Thank you Ron.

Ron Fairly

Thanks to Hall of Fame Sports for this event. I'm hoping they can bring in more old timers!