Friday, April 6, 2012

I bought a 25 game mini plan and I'm really excited!


There was no way I was getting season tickets this season. Especially since my wife gets home late from work. We live about 25 miles away from Dodger Stadium. It just wouldn't work.

I did get a 25 game mini plan though. The great thing about this plan is that I can choose any game that I want. Any of the 81 games! This plan is named "25 Game Fielder's Choice Plan".

I picked Opening Day, all ten Bobblehead giveaways and many weekend games. Should be a fun year.

The tickets came in yesterday. I was trying to order them online last week but had difficulties with Opening Day. I called the ticket office and was helped by Oscar Delgado. He answered all my questions and was able to fix the problem that I had online.

If you have any questions in regards to season tickets or mini-plans, give Oscar a call or sent him a email.

323-224-1365 /

Tell him that I sent you.

Click here for more info on season tickets/mini plans. 


Debbie said...

Oscar has been my ticket rep for a few years. He's always really helpful. We did the reverse of you: after the choose-your-own mini-plans the last couple of years, upgraded to a full season for this year.

Roberto Baly said...

That's great Debbie! :)

Ebolaboi said...

I got that plan too!!!

MotoMikey said...

I am there every sunday game. Usually roll solo so i just pick up leftover tickets from the Dodgers or StubHub, wherever the budget finds me that week. Infield reserve, Dugout club and everything in between haha.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Ebolaboi - Awesome!

@ MotoMikey - Cool, look out for me!

MotoMikey said...

where are your seats at Roberto? Let me know if you are ever looking to sell a spare.

MarcoS. said...

Oscar is my ticket rep and he is the best. This year I wanted to pay my plan in cash but the box office wasn't open yet. Oscar let me go down to stadium to pay and he got me through parking when they were turning people around because they were giving tours to potential buyers at the time. Made me feel special.

Unknown said...

So how much is this mini plans?