Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frank & Son Recap: Downing, Gray, Lo Duca & Mickey Mouse

Hall of Fame Sports put on a great show last Saturday at Frank & Son Collectible Show. Al Downing, Dick Gray, Paul Lo Duca, Bob Gibson and Denny McLain were scheduled to sign autographs. I didn't get anything from Gibson and McLain because I had already met them last year and didn't need anything.

Before I write my little recap, I'd like to thank everyone that said hello. I took my brother in law and he was making fun of me all day because so many people came up to me and said hello. The funniest moment had to be when someone said "Are you that Vin Scully dude"? Um, yeah I guess.

I arrived late so I missed out on the free gift bags. First up was Downing. The former Dodger was signing autographs for free. I was going to miss out on this too but luckily my friend was able to get some extra tickets. Thanks Ronny. (Erik says you have to bring your daughter next time).

Downing signed a Topps card and a 8x10 Yankees picture -


I have a question for you....

I have this picture. Click here to view a similar one.

Downing gave up that famous home run. Hank Aaron is rounding the bases. Several years ago I asked Downing to sign it and he was offended and refused to sign it. I was going to try to ask Downing again last Saturday but I'm scared that he'll blow up. Have you ever got this picture signed?

Trivia question!

Who is the first Dodger to hit a home run in the city of Los Angeles?

Answer: Dick Gray.

Dick Gray

He was happy to write that after his autograph. Thank you Mr. Gray!

The last one was Paul Lo Duca. A great amount of fans came to see him. I brought my old Lo Duca bobblehead. Remember when Dodger bobbleheads were heavy? This one is heavy compared to the new ones.


I was a big Lo Duca fan during his Dodgers playing day. I remember being upset when the Dodgers traded him. Lo Duca looked happy meeting with fans and answering their quick questions. You don't see that too often during a signing. Thank you Paul!

Paul Lo Duca
Mickey Mouse

Frank and Son Collectible Show is not just about sports stuff. There is a huge Disney inventory. I found this Mickey Mouse for $5. My son is a big Mickey Mouse fan. He loves it when Mickey is singing and dancing. I just had to buy it for him. Want to hear something funny? The next day I was at the Arcadia mall and I saw this same exact Mickey Mouse for $11.99! The vendor had dozens of this product if you are interested.

The next Hall of Fame Sports event is on May 12th! Click here for more details.

Thanks to Hall of Fame Sports, Frank & Son Collectible Show, Al Downing, Dick Gray and Paul Lo Duca for a great day!


DDGRDUG said...

Great report Roberto! I think I remember reading about Downing years ago how he doesnt like being mentioned as part of Hank Aaron hitting that HR off of him. He said in the interview I read that he doesnt even say "7:15" anymore when people ask him the time. Of course this was years ago so who knows if that is still the reason.

Roberto Baly said...

That's interesting!

I think I'll try again and let's see what happens.

ChipzzFlipzz said...

Sounds like your brother inlaw was jealous. Great job once again man....

Roberto Baly said...

Oh no. He's 17 years old. I've known him since he was a little kid. We are always playing around. He was happy too since he found some great comic books for 50 cents each.