Thursday, April 19, 2012

Campy's Influence on Mike Scioscia

Mike Scioscia and Roy Campanella.

Pix: Jon SooHoo

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Page 181.

By Mike Scioscia

Roy Campanella was one of the quietest men I've been around. But when he spoke, he spoke volumes. 

He was very passionate---not only about the game of baseball, about winning, but about life. I met him when we were out on the field working out during Spring Training in Vero Beach in 1977.

As I got to know Roy over the years, I definitely considered him one of the biggest blessings that was ever brought into my life. I learned more about life than baseball, and he was an incredible human being who still has an impact on what I do a day-to-day basis.

He was an eternal optimist. He was always upbeat. Roy never once talked his accident or being in a wheelchair in all the years I knew him. I knew it was a tremendous ordeal for him just to get around and to get out to Spring Training and get out to the clubhouse and out to the stadium and work with the catchers. Never once did he say how tough it was. He was always ready, always wanted to help. I think the great pride he took in mentoring a young player like myself was something that had a huge impression on me about what my responsibilities are---not only in this game, but being a role model that you might not perceive you are. His presence was very strong for such an incredibly humble man.

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