Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ask Dee Gordon to help you give back to your favorite local charity

 I got this message from 'popchips' this morning.  -

popchips are generous – it’s one of their ‘principals of pop.’  They strive to make a difference in their communities and beyond.  That is why this spring, they will be unveiling a new, cause marketing program called popchips game changers.

Sixteen of professional athletes will be giving back to their local communities at the same time through the popchips game changers program.  these sports stars will be asking their fans, “how can i give back to our community?”  They are pleased to have Dee Gordon for Los Angeles and Torii Hunter for our Orange County ‘game changing’ sports stars.

Through the popchips game changers program, fans from around Los Angeles will have the chance to submit local charities and causes for Dee and Torii to support.

Dee and Torii will be spending quality time with their fans while giving back in the local community – whether they choose to visit a school, a local hospital or help a regional animal shelter.

Beginning April 2nd through April 30th, popchips snackers can submit their community causes, along with giving-back ideas they’d like to see Dee or Torii do, by going to  or visiting popchips facebook, Torii Hunter's or Dee Gordon’s facebook page and viewing their digital playing card powered by amplify social.

After nominations have been submitted, the Los Angeles and Orange County community can then vote on the local causes and event idea that they’d like to see popchips, Dee Gordon and Torii Hunter bring to life. The five finalists in Los Angeles and Orange County will be selected on may 20th. This is where you rally the troops to vote for your charity!

Dee and Torii will then choose the cause he would like to support and the final event will be announced on June 1st.  popchips will co-host an exclusive Los Angeles event between June 1st and July 6th.  this event will support the community cause and include a unique meet-and-greet with the Dee Gordon or Torii Hunter.

Click here for the official rules.

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