Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recap: Saturday @ Camelback Ranch

I went on a two day trip to Arizona last weekend. My plan was to go the week before but that was impossible. So I booked a hotel at the last minute and off we went!

This post is about Saturday.

Pictures - 

Parking lot at Camelback Ranch. We left early on Saturday morning and arrived at Glendale, Arizona before 10am. It was a good trip. This is the first time I take my son on a long trip so I didn't know how he would react. He was great! No complaints at all. I only had to make one stop and that was for coffee.

Not many fans at the scene.


Camelback Ranch -

With my son. Behind is one of the Dodgers fields.


My son with Uncle Erik.


It's so peaceful here. I mean in the morning when there isn't that many fans.


The lake -


Autographs -

The Dodgers had a double-header on Saturday so I didn't see the whole team practicing. I'm sure most were getting ready to go to Peoria to face off the Seattle Mariners in the afternoon. Then there was a night game at Camelback Ranch against the Chicago White Sox. I didn't attend any of those games.

I only went to the morning practice. I was still able to get 18 autographs. All of them on Baseball cards. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, I might just use baseball cards this year. I got all of these guys on different things like balls, pictures, etc. I really don't need their autographs. I'm just going to have fun with baseball cards.

Chris Withrow is a nice kid. He was talking to fans and signing to anyone that wanted his autograph. Which wasn't too many fans. I like following the Dodgers prospects and I was able to recognize him. Plus I had a nice card of him. He has a great signature!



Rick Honeycutt  is always willing to sign if he's not busy.


Trey Hillman - It took me all winter to find a baseball card of him.


Don Mattingly is great. After practices are done, he will sign autographs for everyone. Fans will line up and it's guaranteed that he signs. One autograph per fan. He asked us if we were going to the game. I told him not today but I will be there tomorrow. He was not happy. I don't remember exactly what he said but it was something like "Oh c'mon now!". We already had plans for that night.


Aaron Harang is one scary dude.


Chris Capuano is happy to be with the Dodgers.


Ted Lilly signed for a very long time. He was great.


Stephen Fife. He came from the Red Sox in the Trayvon Robinson deal.


Nathan Eovaldi had his game face on.


Scott Van Slyke could be with L.A. soon. I told him to say hi to his dad, Andy. He was surprised. And Dodger fans didn't know who this kid was. I'm disappointed in you Dodger fans.

Scott Van Slyke

Clayton Kershaw was only signing for kids. He kept saying "Kids only, kids only". I think my son was crawling in the grass.

I don't think Matt Kemp was present. If he was, I missed him. Dee Gordon signed for a few fans. Andre Ethier didn't sign. I did see James Loney. I wasn't able to get him. Too many fans by then.

Baby had fun!


Click here if you want to see more pictures.

I'll post pictures and videos from last Sunday tomorrow! Did Clayton Kershaw sign? Did Andre Ethier talk? Did Tommy Lasorda drop a few F-Bombs towards the fans? Check it out tomorrow!


Eye On LA Sports said...

Nice camera!! Nikon D3100?? That's the one I own.

bluefanforever33 said...

Great pictures Roberto! Withrow and Hillman have great signatures.

Spiegel83 said...

Hey Roberto! Do you trade any of your card autos? I may have some autos that you would like.

PleasantSurprise said...

Thanks for sharing, Roberto. Its a fantastic facility. Crazy that more fans don't make it out there but I guess that makes it better for us, right?

Roberto Baly said...

@ Eye On LA Sports - Yes, that's the Nikon D3100. I bought it last year.

@ bluefanforever33 - Thanks! :)

@ Spiegel83 - I really don't trade autos. Is there something you liked?

@ PleasantSurprise - lol yes, I was going to say that.

Naqi said...

Hey Roberto!

I was there Saturday and Sunday too! Camelback Ranch is amazing! Thanks for all these pictures!