Thursday, March 29, 2012

The money fans pay to park at Dodger Stadium goes to....

Can fans stop complaining about the parking lots now?

Bill Shaikin has the latest. {L.A. Times}

Under terms of the deal, no development would take place on the lots unless the Johnson group and McCourt agree. The deal also ensures that McCourt can retain partial ownership of the lots and share in any future development revenue.

The money fans pay to park at Dodgers games goes to the new ownership group.


Also, remember that this new ownership group does not take over just yet.

Again, from Shaikin -

Magic Johnson cannot become the face of the Dodgers until the sale of the closes, which is scheduled for April 30. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court is set to approve the sale agreement on April 13.

 Here's a video of PBS News Hour interviewing Shaikin. I'll have more later.


ANDY! said...

Wouldn't it be SOOO cool if Magic through our the first pitch for opening day???

Roberto Baly said...

I don't think that will happen. I'm hearing the Dodgers will have a big celebration that day for the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium. Don't be surprised if it's several old Dodgers. Maybe afterwards when they official take over.

Palazuelos Family said...

Why so snappy in this post? Can't blame fans for wanting McCourt Completely out. But I do think its time for us to consider this a win and move on. Lets celebrate the start of this new era.

@zuelos (twitter)

Roberto Baly said...

Snappy? lol

No no no. Not upset or anything like that. Just wish fans were more positive.

tonyZ said...

I really hope a new stadium is coming. Having one on a hill miles away from civilization is getting really old.

Dodgerche said...

TonyZ you are a moron

Nitasol said...

Why would you want to get rid of our home tonyZ are you sure your a dodger fan? Dodgerche right on i agree with your comment