Friday, March 2, 2012

Media Photo Day @ Camelback Ranch (Why so serious?)

It's media Photo Day at Camelback Ranch today. It's where all the big media giants photograph the Dodgers for the 2012 season.

I'll be posting more pictures but these are the serious ones. Why so serious?

Pictures from Getty Images -

Andre Ethier:

Tony Gwynn Jr

Clayton Kershaw

James Loney

Chad Billingsley

A.J. Ellis

Dee Gordon

Mark Ellis


CreditWise said...

That's what focused looks like!

Love it

Quik said...

Looks like the lens they used is a little too wide.. they all look goofy with big noses!

Thanks for sharing, though!

Roberto Baly said...

A facebook commenter says these are Dodger DUI shots.

ANDY! said...

I hope Eithier is that serious about staying healthy & producing too!!!

jonathan said...

I came out better in my mug shot