Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fan Pix: Jaime Jarrin "Lunch with a Legend"

I really wanted to go to this event but I couldn't get away from my daily duties. ESPN Radio had a "Lunch with a Legend" event yesterday with Dodgers broadcaster Jaime Jarrin. {linked here}

You can hear the interview by clicking here. 

One of my readers did go and he was nice enough to send pictures.

From Salvador -

Hey Robert,

I was able to attend the Lunch with Jaime Jarrin today.  Let me tell you, that place has really good food.  I think it was well worth it for the $50.00 price tag.

I did notice that there weren't many fans there.  A lot of special invites dressed in suits and ties.  I was one of very few that had a Dodger shirt on. 

I got to personally meet Jaime Jarrin.  He was very nice and signed a ball and picture for me.  Noel Pineiro of ESPN Deportes personally introduced him to me.  Noel is a great guy that has been here in ESPN Los Angeles for 8 months.  He is the one that interviewed Jaime Jarrin in Spanish.

Max and Marcellus of ESPN are funny guys that interact with everyone.  We chatted about the Dodgers, my teaching gig, and about Magic Johnson.

Vin Scully was in attendance but was not readily accessible.  I tried snapping a couple shots with him but it was very hard.  The people there had him on tight security.

Overall it was a good experience.  Thanks for posting it and keeping everyone up to date.

Enjoy the pictures.

Sal Osorio

Thank you Salvador for the story and pictures!

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Unknown said...

I have a friend who worked the event, he said it was a great turn out.