Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dodgers Ladies Clothing @ Victoria's Secret

For the ladies....

I keep forgetting to post this but my wife saw Dodgers clothes at Victoria's Secret last weekend. She also saw Angels stuff.

Funny thing is that the Dodgers have two sections while the Angels only have one.





Unknown said...

I am in the NO BAY and I just saw all the Giants gear in Victoria's and was wondering....thanks for sharing

Roberto Baly said...

You're welcome!

Romy S said...

Going to Vicky's Secret this weekend to pick up some Dodger gear! Thanks for the info. Had know idea.

Unknown said...

Thanks Roberto! I have been checking Vicky's for a few weeks now and wondering when they would get it all in. Thanks for the heads up!

Blondie88 said...

At which Victoria Secret
Is it at I'm a huge fan?