Friday, March 16, 2012

"Dee Gordon is going to be in the minors in May"

ESPN fantasy analysts debate if Dee Gordon is a boom or bust candidate this season. One of them goes as far to say that Gordon will be in the minor leagues by May.

"Does not hit the ball with authority"

"One of the weakest hitters in the majors"

"Can't hit the ball out of the infield"

"light hitter"

We know Gordon can run. He's going to steal a million bases. But can he get on base? In 54 games last year, his OBP was .324. That's my only concern. Can he hit enough to stay in the big leagues? I'm not even concern with his weight like others.

Video from ESPN -

Another view....

Evan Bladh of Opinion of Kingman's Performance is excited but is worried of his skinny frame. {linked here}

I must admit that Dee’s slender frame makes me uneasy.  With the rigors of a full 162 game major league season, I wonder if Gordon can hold up through an entire year.  It isn’t like he is the kind of player that will avoid contact or collision vulnerable action.  To the contrary, aside from the catching position, I doubt there is a Dodger player on the roster that will be less active in physical contact activity.  With Dee’s head first dives, avoiding take out slides in double play break ups, taking extra bases and most likely numerous slides into bases due to his aggressive nature, the probability of Gordon going down with injury is quite high.  We saw it last season when he hurt his shoulder on a defensive play at first base as he dove and made a tag.

Gordon’s aggressiveness is his strength as a player.  He is a game changer and the type of player that can spark a rally and steal the occasional run when necessary.  For that reason I think he’s probably the most exciting player on the roster.  Sure, there is Matt Kemp who without a doubt is the most valuable, but Gordon's spark has the potential to really light up a crowd.   I just hope that as he grows over the years, he naturally bulks up and gains more strength.  Meanwhile, we can cross our fingers every time he collides with someone.

And did you see this yesterday? Awesome.

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Eric Becker said...

Isn't the "his frame is too slight" the same crap they said about Pedro Martinez? I'm not saying Gordon's a sure-fire HOFer like Pedro is, but then again, we didn't know Pedro was going to be an HOFer until he blossomed in Montreal and we all said "wait, we traded him for...who?"

Roberto Baly said...

Delino DeShields....

And I agree. I'm not worried about his weight.

Oh and that was more of a Lasorda move. He didn't like Pedro.