Saturday, March 10, 2012

At the Ranch with the family

We arrived at Camelback Ranch early this morning. The Dodgers have a double-header today. One at Peoria against the Seattle Mariners and one later tonight against the San Francisco Giants at Camelback Ranch. I'm assuming the game at Peoria is over. I didn't go and I don't plan on going to tonight's game. We just decided to have some fun at Camelback Ranch and watch the Dodgers go through practice drills and obtain a few autographs. It was a successful day. I'll post more on that on Monday. We'll do some sight-seeing today with the family and go to a game tomorrow. It should be fun since it's against the Chicago Cubs and those fans are everywhere.

Here's a picture of my son looking around. He was very curious of the trees.

I'll have more tomorrow or Monday. :)



d jay said...

hey rob, love you blog , ive never been and was just wondering if you could take some photos of camelback ranch lake while your there...if so thanx...thanx for making this blog! lol

MarcoS. said...

Went last year to spring training but I won't be able to go this year. Beautiful place and great atmosphere. Every Dodgers fan must make at least one trip in their lifetime to spring training. It's a special place and a special (intimate) experience you can't get at the big ballpark or at a fanfest.

Roberto Baly said...

@ d jay - Will be posting pictures soon! Got some of the lake :)

@ MarcoS. - I agree. A really nice place.