Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tommy Lasorda, like you've never seen him before!

I was invited to a shaving party in Beverly Hills last night. I had to decline since it was a last minute invitation. But they were nice enough to send pictures. And to be honest, it's a good thing I didn't go. Shaving? I've never had a beard and I only shave once a week! 

Last night, February 15, The Art of Shaving teamed up with iconic legends of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the latest installment of the brand’s extensive influencer series at The Art of Shaving Barber Spa® Flagship Store Beverly Hills. {linked here}

Tommy Lasorda enjoying it....

Thanks to Ryan for the pictures!

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DDGRDUG said...

That girl in the last picture in the background looks like she's hating! haha