Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poll - Should the Dodgers retire #34 ?


Should the Dodgers retire #34 for Fernando Valenzuela? The Dodgers retire #'s to those that are in the Hall of Fame. Valenzuela is not a Hall of Famer. Should the Dodgers make an exception?

Should the Dodgers retire #34?
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Dj Asylum said...

My brother and I went on the stadium tour last season and asked why Fernando's number wasn't up there. The guide said its unofficially retired but since he's not in the hof they won't put his number up. They also won't let another player have that number either. I believe they should. What other Dodger player had an impact on this city like Fernando?

JL said...

the HOF rule is cool, but I think there should be exceptions. Garvey and Orel need to be up there too