Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Andre Ethier Might Platoon Against Lefties

I wouldn't want to be the one that tells Andre Ethier that he's sitting in the bench against left-handers. Just imagine his reaction.

From CBS L.A. - {linked here}

PHOENIX (CBS) – Dodgers manager Don Mattingly talked to the media for the first time this Spring Training and announced Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw will start on Opening Day.

His most intriguing comments came when talking about 1B/OF Jerry Sands’ role with the team. 

”Jerry was really good against lefties last year, but we’ve got to be able to get him x number of at-bats. I hate the thought of saying that we’ll platoon guys, but the numbers say (James) Loney and (Andre) Ethier weren’t good against lefties.  We’ll mix and match.”

Stats -

In 2011, Ethier was awful against left-handers. He batted .220 with only 1 homer.

2010 - .230 against lefties
2009 - .194 against lefties

Click here for more info on Ethier batting against lefties.


Greg Zakwin said...


Roberto Baly said...

Yeah but do you believe it will happen? Not sure.

It's going to be a interesting season for Ethier. Can he rebound or just struggle?

Eddie2323 said...

I know Ethier wont be happy but Donny has to look out for the good of the team.